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We are continuing to sail south just off the coast of Chile, and it is slow going. Chile is very long (2700 miles!) and its restrictions have been very difficult. We pick an excursion, choose where to spend the day, get ready ... and the excursion is cancelled. We have yet to set foot on land in this country (save for a few steps inside the ports); we just watch the jellyfish floating beside our veranda.

We didn't blog from Antofagasta, trying to spare you the details (like the dead dog lying on the sidewalk). Chile finally allowed us off the ship to take a three hour panoramic bus tour. We were closed into the passenger compartment while the driver's area was fumigated, and then we peered out the window at the old (1870) ruins of a silver mine, the Methodist Church, and the advanced electrical wiring in this town. Two days later we arrived in Valpariso, a fascinating place that we viewed from the deck because we couldn't bear another three hours on a bus. Bill painted some charming watercolors, one of a church in Puerto Montt (from a photo model). Today we came to P. Montt eager to get on a bus so we could see the church. We were sealed back in, drove a hour and a half to see a volcano (Osomo) in the distance, just above a land slide that washed out our road. We turned around and drove back to the pier, glimpsing the church a block away.

Back on the ship and .... we had to be Covid tested. This is our third test this week, once before each port. Our noses hurt, and we wonder why the authorities mandate testing and then won't let us in, even if we test negative. Then a drink poolside and a long aaaaaaah.

Finally, we append a photo of fellow travelers who found the weather terribly warm today (we wore sweaters).

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I am enjoying every one of these, Hope. A woman who was not blood related, but was like a great aunt to me when I was growing up in Oneonta, NY, spent a career as a Methodist missionary in Chile with few if any breaks to return home, to the best of my knowledge. She was at a school for girls in Ekeeki (sp), Chile. I tried to track the school and her career down years ago with little or no success. Anyway, that has always been the beginning and ending of most of my interest in Chile.
I never knew that Bill could paint!! Houses, maybe, but not art.

by BuckinghamHal

Doug call Puerto Montt “the land of the biting flies”, so it might have been good to have stayed on the bus. He said this morning that puerto Montt is where he got a haircut in a barber shop way too hip for an old man. Loving your blog.

by JaneKline

I sure hope that once away from South America you will be welcomed in other ports. Another massive snow storm anticipated tonight- it may go south of Hartford along the coast. Harriet

by Seabury

Hello, Bill and Hope!
I love the photos. I see that Bill has quite a talent as an artist. Sorry you have so many barriers with this port of call. I also hope you have greater ease at other destinations. That church on the hill would have been interesting to see inside. I wonder if they have a website of their own? As Harriet mentioned, you are at least being spared the gorgeous blizzard right outside our windows! Enjoy these wonderful times. Thank you for sharing them with us. God's fullest blessings!

by PJShake210

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