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946d57c0-765e-11ec-971a-eb02a697f083.jpgfb50a1b0-7666-11ec-b95a-5945564a2178.jpgHappy people see God’s blessings everywhere, even in sad little boats in the estuary of Damas Island, near Puerto Quepos, Costa Rica. On our travels there today, we saw Capuchin monkeys (the blur in the tree above) and MANY birds (want the list again??), a boa constrictor, an anteater, and mangrove trees of four varieties (red, white, black and pineapple – go figure). Like yesterday, our photos consist of 90% tree and 10% brown or white blur. Of the eleven people on our little boat, three had no photo device (probably sharing with spouses), four had iPhone cameras, two had fancy cameras, and two had cameras with large lenses, one the size of a bazooka, the other a little less aggressive. We had many photo stops for photo ops!!

On the long drive to the swamp, we passed acres of African oil palms. These replaced Costa Rica’s bananas after the bananas were devastated by a blight. It seems the bananas have recovered (and take 6 months to mature), and the oil palms have prospered too (and take two weeks to mature). The economy needs lots of harvesters and seems to have them.

Costa Rica takes Covid seriously. During our excursison, we had to wash/sanitize our hands 8 times and have our temps taken once. Twice we walked on a long (and lovely) pier that has been oddly fitted with bathroom sinks. An attendant squirted us with hand soap and sent us to a basin to wash it off. Upon return to the Whisper, we went immediately to the Panorama Lounge for another PCR test, this one required by Ecuador. We are looking forward to eating and drinking the evening (as long as you are putting something in your mouth, masks are not required!!)

We look out to the Pacific and it is – pacific; there is no sign of any tsunami here. Bill continues to recover; he was able to get in and out of the ship’s tender and the excursion boat and doesn’t wince as much as he did. So praise God! We think of you and hope those of you in the northland have plenty of hats and mittens.

Hope and Bill

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A Nature Lovers Paradise

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Costaa.jpgIMG_0655.jpgWe travelled an hour and a quarter down Costa Rica's Pacific coast to the Tarcoles River where we boarded a little boat and went hunting for local wildlife. We saw monkeys swinging; we saw birds: vultures, roseate spoonbills, great blue herons, ibis and egrets (both the snowy kind and the great kind), the gorgeous red macaw, and wait, there's more. You get the idea. Each time the naturalist slowed down the boat and pointed, excitement rose, cameras were pointed, and cries of delight came from almost every mouth. Most of the sightings occurred when a bird moved through the trees like a pink blur OR a monkey swung and moved a branch - so our views were somewhat fleeting. Sometimes the animals were still; the vultures pictured here were playful fellows. They snuck up behind a crocodile (also seen here) and bit him on the tail. The croc jerked and slid away into the water; the vultures seemed pleased with themselves. Without the vultures, the crocs were so immobile they looked like logs. The star of the day was the Jesus Christ Lizard! Truly, he got everyone's attention as he zipped across the river, sprinting on his hind legs, looking a little like the Geico gecko, able to scoot without sinking. After an afternoon of craning our necks and snapping bad photos, we returned to the Whisper.

Costa Rica is an interesting place. This region has unimpressive architecture, dingy shops, and restaurants that look like old picnic barns, but the highways and tractor-trailers gleam. The folks we met seem proud to be living in a country that has free health care, free education (67% graduate from college!), 98% literacy, and NO army. They gave up that military stuff in 1948 when they decided to spend their limited funds elsewhere, including an armed police force. And ... compared to the corruption and chaos typical of other Central American countries, Costa Rica is an island of political stability, economic prosperity and contentment. And guess what - very very few citizens emigrate from here. Apparently, they like the peace and quiet.

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